Level Sleep® Mattress


On average, you will spend about one-third of your life in bed. The amount of sleep you get every night, and the quality of that sleep has a direct effect on the alignment of your spine and your body and your overall health. All of that of course, starts with your mattress. If your mattress is not supporting you as you sleep, the result can be poor health and pain and discomfort throughout your day.

If your mattress is not supporting or serving you well, then maybe is it is time for you to visit Integrated Body and Medicine and visit with our chiropractor, Dr. Ahmad Sprouse about the Level SleepĀ® mattress. These mattresses offer three different levels of support, each designed to accommodate a different area of the body to relieve pain in the shoulders, hips and back. They are made of safe, high-quality foam with an easy to clean cover, and they come in sizes that will fit any bed frame. You can a mattress that will give you a lifetime of restful nights.

Is a Level Sleep mattress in Highland, Indiana, or surrounding areas right for you? If you would like to learn more, call our office at 219-803-6651 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sprouse.


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