7 Common Ailments Alleviated with IV Vitamin Therapy

7 Common Ailments Alleviated with IV Vitamin Therapy

There are various ways to get rid of a hangover, improve your sleep, and fight fatigue, including IV vitamin therapy.

Although an IV may induce thoughts of the hospital or emergency room, it's not just about that anymore. IV vitamin therapy clinics are popping up nationwide, helping people fight common ailments and problems within an hour of treatment.

If you're searching for a natural way to combat chronic fatigue, allergies, and other bothersome symptoms, you may not have to search further than Integrated Body and Medicine in Highland, Indiana.

Our Integrated Body and Medicine team includes experts in holistic health practices, including IV vitamin therapy for various ailments.

The facts on IV vitamin therapy

IV therapy is a way to quickly get fluids, medications, and vitamins into your body through your bloodstream. It's the fastest way to deliver these essential items to your body by bypassing your GI tract and entering your blood.

During IV therapy, we start an IV in your arm by inserting a needle into one of your veins. We then advance a small plastic catheter into your vein.

After we secure the catheter in your vein, we attach a bag of fluid with various types of vitamins and nutrients and allow it to drip into your bloodstream over an hour.

Once your IV bag finishes, we monitor your vital signs and determine how you feel to ensure you can go home.

What's in the IV bag?

We customize each IV vitamin therapy bag to individual and specific needs. After learning your symptoms and goals, we discuss various vitamins and nutrients to add to your IV bag, which may include:

Our team mixes each specific cocktail with either saline or sterile water to get the nutrients into your bloodstream.

The number of IV therapy sessions you require depends on your ailment and how you respond to the treatments.

Issues alleviated with IV vitamin therapy

IV therapy is a tool we use to provide you with a natural way to quickly and efficiently get vitamins and nutrients into your body. It's a low-risk option that sends nutrients directly into your bloodstream to fight off various ailments, including:


Vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, and vitamin D all aid in fighting off fatigue. Vitamin B12 helps by forming more red blood cells, which transport oxygenated blood throughout your body to fight off tiredness.


It's not uncommon to feel rundown and downright terrible after a night of drinking. Alcohol is a diuretic that depletes your body of essential fluids and nutrients.

A customized IV vitamin treatment may consist of vital B vitamins and vitamin C to replace lost minerals and nutrients, allowing you to feel better quickly.


It's easy to become dehydrated when you're not feeling well or have diarrhea, as your body loses fluid faster than you can replace it.

IV vitamin therapy allows you to replace lost fluids to help you feel better and rehydrate your body to relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

Chronic pain

If you have chronic pain, you’ve probably tried just about everything to end the discomfort. IV vitamin therapy can help. It allows you to get vital nutrients like magnesium, vitamin D, and B vitamins to combat neuropathic and chronic pain.


Vitamins C and D are essential for combating common seasonal allergies. We customize your IV therapy to include the vital nutrients and vitamins you need to get over allergies.

Depression and anxiety

If you're feeling down and want a natural way to combat anxiety and depression, regular IV therapy sessions can help. We add vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, and vitamin D, which aid in suppressing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Melatonin, magnesium, and vitamin D all help when a migraine strikes. IV vitamin therapy allows you to fight migraines naturally with nutrients your body needs.

To learn more about IV vitamin therapy, don't hesitate to call our greater Highland and Hammond, Indiana, area office to schedule an appointment or request a consultation online.

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