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How Much Botox® Is Ideal For Me?

How Much Botox® Is Ideal For Me?

When wrinkles set in, their effect on your self-esteem can be devastating. You can live with the changes that aging brings or take steps to uncover more youthful skin.

Plastic surgery is an option to alleviate wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines. Still, it's invasive and requires a period of recovery before you see results.

Botox® is a suitable alternative to plastic surgery in many cases. It softens fine lines and wrinkles via injections into problem areas. The amount of Botox you require depends on the look you're hoping for and what areas of your face we treat.

At Integrated Body and Medicine, we offer Botox and other anti-aging treatments to help you feel your best. We carefully evaluate your needs to determine how much Botox is right for you.

What is Botox?

Botox is derived from a toxin in the bacteria that causes botulism. But it's safe and purified from its original form, making it suitable for injection.

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that blocks the nerve signals to specific muscles where we inject it. If the muscle can't receive nerve signals, it's unable to contract, allowing the skin to smooth out.

Although temporary, Botox stops muscle contractions for several months, providing efficient relief from signs of aging, including wrinkles.

Botox, Dysport®, and Jeuveau® are all synthetic forms of botulinum toxin type A, which we use for anti-aging treatment.

Areas Botox treats

The most common area we treat with Botox is the face, especially areas riddled with wrinkles and fine lines. But Botox has medical uses as well.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has approved Botox for treating frown lines on the forehead and face and crow's feet around the eyes. But doctors also use it for:

At Integrated Body and Medicine, we assess your need for Botox for both anti-aging and medical purposes.

How much do I need?

The amount of Botox you need varies, depending on the area we're treating and the results you desire. In general, the maker of Botox recommends three — three treatment areas, three different doses, three times per year — for optimal results.

Frown lines, crow's feet, and forehead lines or wrinkles are the three areas we treat with Botox cosmetic injections. Each site requires a specific dose to reduce wrinkles or fine lines.

We follow the manufacturer's guidelines when it comes to the dose of Botox in the above three areas. The guidelines recommend 20 units in the forehead lines, 20 units in the frown lines, and 24 units to correct crow's feet.

You will need repeat treatments to maintain the results, with each treatment at least 90 days after the previous one. Many of our patients get a few months out of each set of injections, meaning you need three to four treatments per year.

Are the results permanent?

The results of Botox aren't permanent, meaning you'll need repeat treatments. The length of time you see results depends on the area we treat and how your body metabolizes the toxin.

Most of our patients get about three to four months out of each treatment, although some experience results that last up to six months.

As the neurotoxin wears off, the nerves can again send signals to the muscles, allowing them to contract and reveal wrinkles and fine lines. But if you keep up with Botox treatments as we suggest, you can maintain a youthful, flawless glow for years.

We also give you lifestyle tips to help you maintain your results longer, including wearing sunscreen and taking care of your skin daily.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss how Botox can help you, or request an appointment through this website. We’re located in Highland in the greater Hammond, Indiana, area.

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