How Physical Rehabilitation Can Redefine Aging

When people start to age and think of going to the doctor, the usual things that come to mind are to get your blood pressure measured, check for certain cancers or chronic diseases, evaluate bone density, and generally make sure that everything is still working well for your age. 

But an oft-forgotten aspect of that “make sure everything is working well” part is whole-body movement and function. The human body is often looked at compartmentally, which in many cases is a good thing. But as you get older, it becomes more and more important to look at your body as a whole, asking questions like: 

This is where physical medicine and rehabilitation come in, something that our providers at Integrated Body and Medicine recommend to older patients looking for a way to feel better and younger in their bodies. 

What is physical rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation is a medical specialty that involves helping patients regain and maintain functionality of their bodies. Many people seek rehabilitation after a sports injury, car accident, or surgery. 

But you needn't be injured to benefit from physical rehab: Anyone who has trouble with mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, agility, or other basic physical skills can restore lost abilities with a physical rehabilitation care plan. 

Depending on your needs, physical rehabilitation might include chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture or cupping, stretches, mobility exercises, strength exercises, or any combination thereof. 

Who needs physical rehabilitation? 

Anyone with physical limitations can greatly benefit from physical rehabilitation. Your provider at Integrated Body and Medicine helps you through the initial diagnosis, all the way through restorative and, eventually, preventive therapy. 

As you get older, the preventive part becomes particularly important. Even if you don’t have noticeable limitations or pain, prevention is the ticket: Physical rehabilitation is the key to redefining aging. 

Do you want to be one of those incredibly cool grandmas or grandpas posting videos of flips, handstands, and weightlifting on social media? Preventive physical therapy is the best way to ensure you can do impressive things like that when you’re older. Or, at the very least, physical rehabilitation keeps you pain-free and makes sure you can safely perform basic human movements, such as squatting, lifting a box overhead, and picking items up from the floor. 

Think of it as a way of preserving any physical skills you currently have and priming your body to make room for new ones. 

To learn more about physical rehabilitation and how it can help you age with ease and confidence, schedule a consultation with a doctor at Integrated Body and Medicine. Call our Highland, Indiana, office or book your appointment online.

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