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How to Meet Your Daily Nutrition Needs

How to Meet Your Daily Nutrition Needs

Even though food is all around you, getting the proper nutrition your body needs to thrive can be challenging. Processed foods contain additives and preservatives, both of which aren't necessary for optimal health.

Eating a nutritious diet full of essential vitamins and minerals is difficult, especially for kids and older adults. But without vital nutrients, your body won't thrive as it should.

Sometimes, you need more than food to sustain your nutritional needs. That's why our team at  Integrated Body and Medicine provides dietary supplements and IV nutritional therapy.


We understand the need for proper nutrition, so we provide a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Why is nutrition important?

Nutrition keeps your body and mind healthy during every stage of life. Your diet directly impacts your body's performance and can affect whether you develop chronic medical issues later in life.

Your body requires essential vitamins and minerals to survive. Without them, you could suffer from illness, fatigue, and infections. You need 13 essential vitamins daily, including vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

These vitamins are in various foods, including whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.

To improve your diet, eat a variety of whole foods, while avoiding sugary, processed foods that have almost no nutritional value.

A healthy diet and proper nutrition are vital to your health because your life depends on it. Four of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States are linked to your diet.

Without the proper nutrition, you’re at risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, and cancer. But you can significantly reduce your risk by including whole, nutritious foods in your daily routine.

How many calories do I need?

The number of calories you require depends on your age and overall health, among other factors. Everyone needs different amounts of calories during each stage of their lives. 


For example, active teens and young adults need more calories than active adults middle aged and older. And people who are very athletic or who exercise a lot need more calories than those who are sedentary.

Talk to your health care provider to determine how many calories you need for optimal health and wellness.

Essential food groups for nutrition

To ensure proper nutrition, you need to know which foods to include in your daily diet. Some have significantly more nutritional value than others.

For a healthy and nutritious diet, include a good mix of the following foods:

Eating a variety of foods during each meal helps you to meet your dietary requirements quickly. Although healthy fats and dairy products are an important part of a balanced diet, you need more vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

Achieving whole nutrition can also be challenging if you have food allergies or specific dietary restrictions. But dairy-free products like plant-based milk and cheese allow people with lactose intolerance to still get the nutrition they need.

Foods to limit or cut out

Just as there are foods that you need to include in your diet, there are some that you should limit or cut out completely.

These foods hold almost no nutritional value and often contribute to obesity and other health-related concerns. Foods you should limit include:

Even if you cut out most of these foods, you may still need help meeting your nutritional requirements, which is when dietary supplements can help. Our team evaluates your dietary needs to determine if you need supplements or IV nutritional therapy.

To find out if you're getting the necessary nutrition, call us today to schedule an appointment at Integrated Body and Medicine in the greater Highland and Hammond, Indiana, area or request a consultation on this website.

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