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Our Menu of Anti-Aging Treatments

Our Menu of Anti-Aging Treatments

You’d love to feel young forever, right? Unfortunately, time isn’t on your side, and your body feels the wear-and-tear as you get older. But are you doomed to look into the mirror and see your youth fade right before your eyes? 

Luckily for you, we have plenty of anti-aging remedies to help you keep your youthful glow. 

At Integrated Body and Medicine, we strive to keep your body feeling it’s best through a number of different treatments. Located in Highland, Indiana, our skilled team members are experts in anti-aging therapies to keep you feeling young. 

What happens as you age?

Your body works hard, day in and day out for your entire life, so it’s no surprise that things stop working as well with every year that passes. As you age, your skin isn’t the only part of you that suffers. Your organs and joints fall short as well.

Osteoarthritis is just one of the many conditions that you’re prone to as you get older. This condition affects the protective lining in your joints. That lining wears away due to chronic use, leaving your bones unprotected and prone to pain and inflammation.

Your heart is another part of your body that suffers as you age. The blood vessels in your body become less elastic over time, which can make it more difficult for your heart to pump the blood throughout your body. Heart disease is a common condition among older individuals.

Osteoporosis causes your bones to become more brittle, which leads to easily broken bones. You’re at a much higher risk for this condition the older you are, because your bones don’t rebuild themselves as quickly as they break down.

Basically, the older you get, the more at risk you are for conditions that affect your organs, bones, and muscles. But even though you can’t stop the years from passing by, you can take a front-seat approach to how young you feel.

Anti-aging treatments can help

At Integrated Body and Medicine, we take your health very seriously. When you’re feeling a bit older than you’d like, we offer a number of different treatments to keep you feeling youthful. A few of the anti-aging treatments we offer include:

Chiropractic care

This type of therapy helps keep your body properly aligned so you can continue to move freely. It keeps your spine in the appropriate alignment, which helps free up nerves and blood vessels. This improves your overall sensation throughout your body, along with circulation.

IV infusion therapy

IV infusion therapy treats many different conditions and has anti-aging benefits as well. We offer several different IV therapies, which contain vital nutrients and vitamins that help you to feel your best.

Nutritional supplements

Vitamins are key to your health, especially when you’re older. Calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin D help your body function optimally. We can recommend vitamin supplementation based on how you feel and a detailed physical exam.

Massage therapy

Stress is one of the things that’s inevitable, but it also has a huge effect on how you feel. Stress can age your muscles and joints, which is why massage therapy should be part of your overall health care plan.

Massage therapy works by giving you better circulation throughout your body, which helps decrease the inflammation that stress and anxiety cause. 

Lifestyle changes

Sometimes, feeling younger is as simple as changing a few of your daily habits. What you eat and your activity level have a direct impact on your overall health.

We recommend adding some light exercise to your daily routine to keep your muscles and joints healthy. It can also help you lose some excess weight, which benefits your health.

A well-balanced diet of lean meats, fruits, and vegetables is key to keeping your body in the best shape possible. Limit refined sugars and excessive alcohol.

If you're interested in trying our anti-aging treatments, call our Highland, Indiana, office or schedule an appointment through our online system today.

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