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Tips to Avoid Sciatica During Pregnancy

Tips to Avoid Sciatica During Pregnancy

As your baby bump grows during pregnancy, you may feel your body experiencing some exciting changes — and some painful ones. Sciatic pain is one of the many conditions you can experience during your nine months of pregnancy.

Sciatica is bad enough when you're not carrying a child, but it can be unbearable during pregnancy. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to reduce your chances of sciatica and relieve it if and when it strikes.

If you're pregnant and worried about back pain and sciatica, our team at Integrated Body and Medicine has the tools and knowledge to help. We offer holistic treatments and natural remedies to help you fight off back pain so you can enjoy every month of pregnancy.

What causes sciatica during pregnancy?

Sciatica can affect anyone at any point in life. It’s one of the causes of low back pain during pregnancy. It occurs when the large sciatic nerve becomes irritated, causing lower back pain, buttocks discomfort, and shooting leg pain.

The sciatic nerve originates in the lower back and then branches into two roots, one in each leg. Sciatic pain often affects only one side of your back and one leg, but can affect both.

During pregnancy, your uterus grows to make room for the developing baby. The larger the baby grows, the more the uterus displaces other body parts, including the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica often occurs later in pregnancy, when the baby and your belly are getting bigger. The pressure from the baby and extra weight in your abdomen may put pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing various uncomfortable symptoms.

Other conditions that may increase sciatic pain during pregnancy include piriformis syndrome, SI joint dysfunction, and pain in the pelvic bones.

Signs and symptoms of sciatica

The symptoms of sciatica are no different during pregnancy but can be harder to deal with as your belly grows. You may notice mild back pain during the first few months that worsens as the baby grows.

Other symptoms you may experience with sciatica include:

Most women experience a variety of symptoms that vary in severity. One of the main complaints is pain that travels from the lower back into one buttock and into the leg or foot.

Can I avoid sciatica while I'm pregnant?

You can't change your baby's growth and the related bodily changes during pregnancy. As the little one grows and your ligaments relax, your uterus will likely put pressure on the nerves in your lower back.

But you can try your best to prevent sciatica during pregnancy by working on your core muscles and staying fit. Proper exercise during pregnancy decreases the chances of lower back pain and keeps your core tight.

There are ways to stay in shape safely without harming the baby or your body. Swimming, walking, low-key aerobics, and yoga are all excellent ways to get exercise and keep your back healthy.

Tips to relieve sciatic pain

Even with your best efforts, you may still experience sciatic pain during pregnancy, but don't fret. You can control it with a few simple tips. Most women can manage the symptoms on their own with the following tips:

Avoid standing or sitting too long to keep pressure off the sciatic nerve. If you have to sit for a while, get up and move around to allow your nerves and lower back to get some blood flow.

A combination of gentle exercise, home remedies, massage, and regular chiropractic adjustments often provides enough relief for sciatica during pregnancy.

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