What's Involved With Rehabilitation?

What's Involved With Rehabilitation?

Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury or you have a debilitating disease, rehabilitation is a way for you to build strength and get back to your normal activities. 

At Integrated Body and Medicine, we can help you get back on your feet through a number of different treatments. We specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation for a variety of conditions and problems.

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a branch of medicine that focuses on getting your body back to normal. This could be after an injury or as part of your post-surgical plan. Rehabilitation also helps when you’ve suffered from a medical problem like a stroke.

The goal of rehabilitation is to help you regain function of your body, while addressing any underlying problems, such as chronic pain, that are getting in your way. It also allows you to learn independence in your everyday life, such as work skills and recreational activities.

Rehabilitation isn’t just one treatment; it’s a multidisciplinary approach to getting your body to function properly. This may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and holistic approaches. 

Rehab also helps you when you need to learn how to use an assistive device, such as a cane or walker. Education is a large part of rehabilitation, as you’re learning new techniques to make life easier with whatever condition is affecting your body.

When you might need rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a very versatile treatment that we recommend for a number of different issues. We help you determine what form of rehab is right for you to ease your pain and promote independence.

An injury is just one reason you may need rehabilitation. Types of injuries that may require this type of therapy include:

You may also require rehabilitation after surgery to help you regain your strength and functionality. Rehab often starts as soon as possible after your procedure to ensure you get a jumpstart on recovery.

Understanding the steps of rehabilitation

In order to get you the rehab plan that’s right for you, we discuss your condition at your initial appointment and may do a physical exam. This helps us understand what areas you need to focus on during your recovery.

There’s a lot that goes into your rehabilitation plan, including several specialists and areas of medicine. We help you by:

Physical therapy is an integral part of rehabilitation. It focuses on the area of your body that needs help by strengthening other supportive areas and improving flexibility. 

If you’re hospitalized, we also use rehabilitation to get you ready to go home and be independent. We provide education on making your home safe and how to prepare yourself for life out of the hospital.

If you’re in need of rehabilitation, call our office or schedule an appointment through our online system today. We serve the greater Highland and Hammond, Indiana, area.

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