Why Do I Keep Getting Migraines?

If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, you know how miserable they can be. And “miserable” is a subdued way to describe them. 

A migraine can completely derail you for an entire day or more. Most people find themselves unable to do anything but curl up into the fetal position in a dark, silent room. 

The only thing that’s worse than getting a migraine is getting multiple migraines and not understanding why it’s happening. Not only are migraines painful, but the frustration of not knowing how to prevent them is emotionally draining. 

Our experts at Integrated Body and Medicine have helped many patients understand their migraine triggers and work toward prevention or management. You can be free of migraines, too. 

What exactly is a migraine?

Doctors and scientists don’t totally understand the mechanisms behind migraines yet. Migraines are somewhat of a mystery, because they differ so vastly among individuals. Migraines can be described as severe, long-lasting headaches that come with a variety of symptoms, including: 

Potential physiological causes of migraines include nerve disorders or dysfunction, changes in the blood vessels in your brain, genetics, and changes in chemical pathways in your brain. 

Why do I keep getting migraines? 

If you seem to get migraine attacks on a regular basis, you’re probably worn out, beat down, and burnt out from trying to figure out why in the world you keep getting them. 

Though the actual cause is unknown, as we explained above, there are common triggers for migraines. For example, many people have reported migraines in response to: 

A big part of migraine prevention and management is knowing and understanding your triggers. At Integrated Body and Medicine, we can help you come up with a comprehensive migraine management plan that includes lifestyle changes and, if necessary, medications to keep migraines at bay. 

Schedule an appointment with us at Integrated Body and Medicine today by calling our Highland, Indiana, office or by booking an appointment through our online system.

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