If You’re Waking Up With Back Pain, It Is Time for a New Mattress (Level Sleep Mattress®)

Chances are, you’ve had back pain. In fact, about 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives — an astonishing statistic. Back pain has a number of causes, ranging from work-related injuries to repetitive stress due to sports or weak core muscles. 

Our health and pain management experts at Integrated Body and Medicine know that many cases of back pain are caused or exacerbated by poor sleeping patterns and positions, which, as simple as it sounds, can be remedied with the right mattress. 

Why do mattresses cause back pain?

Whether your mattress directly causes your back pain or intensifies back pain that stems from another cause, it’s likely because it wasn’t designed to support your spine in the correct way. Many mattresses are too firm or too soft, which leads to uneven support throughout your torso. 

A mattress that’s too soft may sink at your hips and shoulders, leaving your spine — specifically your lumbar spine — unsupported. A mattress that’s too firm may not mold to your body, again, leaving your spine unsupported. 

Is your mattress causing back pain? 

If you’re not sure whether your mattress is causing or contributing to your back pain, ask yourself a few questions: 

If many of your answers point to your bed as the culprit behind your back pain, it probably is. Don’t ignore it. We know mattresses are expensive, but you can’t put a price tag on quality sleep and pain-free living. 

What kind of mattress is best for back pain? 

Everyone wants pain-free, comfortable, restorative sleep. How else can you expect to wake up ready to take on the day’s duties and live at your full capacity both mentally and physically?

For restorative sleep, you need a mattress that works with you, not against you. If you have back pain, we feel confident that the Level Sleep® Mattress is the best mattress for you. 

Backed by numerous scientific studies, the Level Sleep Mattress is proven to work for those who wake up feeling unrefreshed, sore, or generally uncomfortable in some way. It works for people who toss and turn due to body pain, and it works for those who need extra support for their spine. 

To learn more about back pain and how the right mattress can make a huge difference, visit us at Integrated Body and Medicine for a consultation. Call our Highland, Indiana, office to schedule, or request an appointment through our online tool.

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